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We want to see your best style shots

"Princesses: Long Island" star Amanda Bertoncini shared snapshots

"Princesses: Long Island" star Amanda Bertoncini shared snapshots from Pookie and Sebastian's dressing room with her followers on Instagram. Share your style shots with us using hashtag #newsdaystyle. (Credit: Instagram/AmandaBertoncini)

Here at Newsday, our fashion team is always looking for inspiration. 

If you're a Long Islander who loves to show off your personal style, this is your chance to shine.

Pull together a great work to happy hour look? Heading to the beach looking like a star? Share your best summer fashion picks with us.

Simply Tweet @NinaShopsNY or Instagram @Newsday with hashtag #newsdaystyle, and you could be included in an upcoming style feature.

The more information you share, the better. Scored your outfit at a local thrift shop and heading to dinner on the Nautical Mile? Picked up a new pair of wedges at Jildor you can't wait to wear to graduation? Let us know your style story.

We can't wait to see what you're wearing!