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Want a Hermes Birkin bag? Here are three chances to win is giving away three Hermes Birkin bags is giving away three Hermes Birkin bags worth up to $13,499 each this month. (March 6, 2013) (Credit: Handout)

Ever dreamed about owning a Herm├Ęs Birkin bag? Yeah, us too.

The queen of all "it" bags can cost more than a car (some, such as the alligator styles, go for $100,000) and are the arm candy of choice for countless A-list celebrities.

Well, now one can be yours . . . and no, you don't need to win the lottery or rob Kim Kardashian.

Luxury shopping site is giving away not one, but three Birkins, each valued at up to $13,499.

To win, join starting March 9 (it's free and gives you access to special deals on new designer items each day) and refer five friends (make sure they sign up before March 28).

You will then be automatically entered into all three giveaways, March 15, 22 and 29. Winners will be announced on the Rue La La blog.

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