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Site alerts shoppers when coveted items go on sale, a social shopping website, sends emails and, a social shopping website, sends emails and alerts when your favorite products go on sale. (Credit:

The same story happens to all shoppers: you find a nice piece that's not within your budget, then hold off until the numbers drop.

To prevent shoppers from missing that patiently awaited discount, will send emails and alerts about when that particular piece goes on sale.

The social shopping website allows users to search for their favorite products from well-known retailers, like Forever 21, Best Buy or Amazon, and “hook” the products onto your personal page. Once the product goes on sale, an alert will be sent via email.

“I wanted to create a social shopping site that gave people more than just a forum for communication, but to also enhance their shopping experience,” said founder and president Alistair Black. “Saving money is essential to everyone, so I thought it would be the perfect premise for a new social shopping site.”“I no longer have to “remember” things I want to buy on sale. does it for me.”

Products can range from apparel to electronics.