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Home decor consignment shop opens in Roslyn

Re-Decorate, a home decor consignment store, recently opened

Re-Decorate, a home decor consignment store, recently opened in Roslyn. (Credit: Re-Decorate)

The idea of spring cleaning may have you dreading the new season, but it doesn't have to be all mops, brooms and doom. Your annual clear-out can also be the perfect excuse to change up your home decor, and now thanks to Re-Decorate, you can do it on the cheap.

The new consignment store, owned by interior designer Keith Baltimore, just opened in Roslyn. "It's a cool place for a two-way relationship between those are looking for home decorating finds and those who need to sell off some items in their home," Baltimore said in a news release.

The store will stock everything from furniture, to smaller items like tabletop accessories, wall art, throw pillows, and area rugs -- all at prices that are lower than standard retail.

Click here for more on the shop, and check out this list to find more new stores on Long Island.

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