Mother's Day gift guide

Some moms get tuna fish cans spray-painted gold, with glued-on macaroni. But Erica Sara, always a creative child, started making jewelry for her mom out of leather scraps plucked from the floor of dad's leather jacket factory when she was 10.
"I made my mom some pretty fabulous leather pins covered in rhinestones for Mother's Day," Sara recalls.
The Syosset native grew up to become a jewelry designer, and now her work, sold on, is a bit more sophisticated -- and personal. Like her custom-made Generation Necklace, which she'll make with names of your loved ones (she just gave one to her grandmother engraved with names, from grandpa Samuel to great grandson Samuel). Or her pendants, with names in English on one side, Hebrew on the other.
Or give the gift that keeps on giving -- relaxation, whether an in-home hairstyling session or some luxe bath or beauty products, we've gathered a variety of gifts for that special someone. You know who we mean.
-- Joseph V. Amodio, Special to Newsday

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