Cyber Monday deals on holiday gifts

Cyber Monday is coming -- that special day when men and women do what upstanding (if sedentary), red-blooded Americans have done since the 1990s, when this holiday retail custom began: Shop while at work. (Pssst!! Don't let the boss catch you.)
Cyber Monday seems such a civilized antidote to Black Friday, don't you think? There's no need to get up at the crack of dawn, no car or gas required, no messy piles of picked-through clothes.
Best of all, there are plenty of discounts. We've tallied up some fun, festive options that offer decent savings -- 25 percent off holiday-hot underwear at, 30 percent off stylish fare at, 40 percent off at, and . . . mmm . . .
Just keep in mind that some restrictions or exclusions may apply at each site. And most deals last only till 11:59 p.m. So get clicking -- and start saving. -- Joseph V. Amodio

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