Baby shower gift ideas from the royals

Hey, gang -- Pippa, here.
You may have read I'm planning to throw my big sister a baby shower. The palace protocol types were all -- OMG, that's never been done for a royal before. I was gobsmacked, but apparently it's true.
"Don't get your knickers in a twist," I told them. "It'll be small, informal."
They actually fell for that.
I mean -- I'm a party planner. How would it look if I didn't throw my sis a grand, blowout affair? It's not every year that a future monarch of the British Empire comes along.
The party most likely won't be at Buckingham -- but it looks brilliant on the invite so I couldn't resist. Besides, we want to throw off the paparazzi.
Not sure what to bring? Retailers are stocking up on baby gear with "royal" flair. Here are some ideas, for Kate or anyone on your list.
-- Joseph V. Amodio

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