The 10 best sushi restaurants on Long Island

Sushi, the pure pinnacle of Japanese cuisine, is translated differently in the United States. Traditionally, it's the union of raw fish and vinegared rice, maybe with some wasabi, a condiment that has a hint of horseradish. The uncooked fish on an oval of the rice, the most familiar, is called nigirizushi. Chirashi sushi basically is sashimi, or the raw fish, scattered on a bed of vinegar-spiked rice. Makizushi are cylindrical sushi rolls, with rice and fish wrapped with seaweed, cut into bite-size servings. Handrolls typically have a conical shape. Across Long Island and the country are countless, popular "house special rolls," or whatever the chef and the kitchen decide to combine, often to kaleidoscopic and colorful effect.

Here are Newsday's top 10 sushi restaurants. The favorite: Ginza in Massapequa. --PETER M. GIANOTTI/ and JOAN REMINICK/

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