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TOP PICK – PETER LUGER STEAK HOUSE, Great Neck: There are steakhouses that do many things. When you look closely, Peter Luger basically does one thing. You come for the peerless porterhouse steak, just as you would at the landmark original in Brooklyn. It's served for two, three or four and that's all you need to know. Precede with a shrimp cocktail, accompany with creamed spinach and either a baked potato or the German-fried variety, conclude with cheesecake. It's all very simple. Dissenters and contrarians can contemplate Caesar salad, prime rib, broiled lobster and apple strudel. But you know why you're here.(Credit: Johnny Simon)

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The 10 best steak houses on Long Island

It's always prime time on Long Island. Ask someone where he or she would like to dine for a special occasion, or even for an expensive night out, and a local steak house is a likely reply. That's understandable. This is a gilded age for steak houses in Nassau and Suffolk, whether you're a purist or eager to try something new. Here's Newsday's Top 10. The favorite: Peter Luger in Great Neck. --PETER M. GIANOTTI, peter.gianotti@newsday.com