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TOP PICK -- MP TAVERNA, Roslyn: Chef Michael
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TOP PICK -- MP TAVERNA, Roslyn: Chef Michael Psilakis puts an inventive spin on Greek cuisine at his bi-level gastro pub, which, since opening, has spawned two metro-area spinoffs. Virtually every dish is a standout, from the tender, lemon-kissed octopus to the supernal meatballs in tomato and olive sauce to a salad of dried fruits, cheese and young greens. Ethereal dumplings with lamb sausage are punctuated by the crunch of bread crumbs and a subtle jolt of citrus. If you've never had a lamb burger, this one is juicy and herbal enough to make you a convert. Conclude with apple baklava, galaktoboureko parfait or the opulent chocolate brownie made with halvah.(Credit: Yana Paskova)

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The 10 best Mediterranean restaurants on Long Island

The Mediterranean rolls from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Turkish coast, splashing onto North Africa and southern Europe. The inland sea reaches three continents and more than 20 nations and states. At its grandest length, the Mediterranean goes 2,700 miles. At its widest: 800 miles. That's a lot of food. Numerous restaurants on Long Island trace their cuisines to the Mediterranean. In Newsday's listings of the top 10, the focus is on Greece and the Middle East. Here they are. The favorite: MP Taverna in Roslyn. --PETER M. GIANOTTI/peter.gianotti@newsday.com and JOAN REMINICK/joan.reminick@newsday.com