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TOP PICK: RELISH, Kings Park: Relish may look
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TOP PICK: RELISH, Kings Park: Relish may look like a diner -- a classy one -- but chef-owner Steve Cardello's well-edited menu defines it as another entity entirely. Cardello sources ingredients with an eye toward the locally grown and sustainably raised, doing things few chefs will attempt at the same price. Like curing small batches of bacon and pancetta for specials.(Credit: Doug Young)

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The 10 best Cheap Eats restaurants on Long Island

The quest for high-quality food at prices that don't pinch is ongoing. And — as this list proves — highly rewarding. Instead of foie gras and lobster, consider tucking into a first-rate fish taco. Or the kind of rotisserie chicken that can make your heart spin. How about restaurant-smoked sausage? Crisp-juicy down-home Southern fried chicken? Or order some mini-meatballs as addictive as popcorn. When it comes to keeping you well fed but financially flush, these 10 restaurants take pride, not shortcuts. -- JOAN REMINICK, joan.reminick@newsday.com