Peruvian chicken combos: 3 favorites

The Chicken Place's whole chicken is hyper-savory and

The Chicken Place's whole chicken is hyper-savory and satisfying and costs just $10. (Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara)

In Peru, rotisserie chicken is a matter of national pride. Because of a strong Chinese influence in this surprisingly global cuisine, there often is soy and ginger in the marinade, as well as a black malt beer that's alcohol-free. And garlic. Lots of garlic.

Here are three Peruvian restaurants on Long Island where rotisserie-roasted chicken combos can feed a family for less than $25:


The chicken served at this pretty little restaurant comes out mahogany on the outside, deeply spicy and moist within. Combo deal: whole chicken, fries, salad, two liters of soda, $18.

MOCHIKA, Glen Cove

At this comfortable storefront restaurant, the deeply flavorful copper-skinned bird is so moist that the white meat is almost as juicy as the dark. Combo deal: whole chicken, salad, French fries and rice, $20.


At this storefront restaurant, the marinade recipe, brought over from Peru, results in a chicken that's hyper-savory and satisfying. Combo deal: whole chicken, fries, salad and Peruvian cola, $20.

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