Gelato at Long Island restaurants: 3 picks

Gelato comes in many tempting flavors at Sant

Gelato comes in many tempting flavors at Sant Ambroeus in Southampton. (June 22, 2010) (Credit: Doug Young)

If there's one edible that goes with the maxim too-much-is-not-enough, it must be the grand Italian treat gelato. Here are three scoops to keep you cool and happy during August.


You could come here for the excellent pastries and cakes, cookies and chocolates, plus breads. And outstanding gelati. The flavors change regularly. Among the winners: stracciatelle, or Italian chocolate chip, espresso, lemon, vanilla, cantaloupe. Pick at random.


Yes, the cookies and pastries are reason enough to visit Leonetti's, a standout along a busy stretch of Glen Cove Road. But the gelati could make you a regular. Chocolate-hazelnut, chocolate chip, caramel and vanilla are mainstays.

SANT AMBROEUS, Southampton

This Northern Italian restaurant and bakery brings a little Milan to Main Street in Southampton. But it's the counter with about 25 gelati at the front that is the obligatory stop. Some favorites: hazelnut, passionfruit, grapefruit, lemon, fior di latte, croccantino.

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