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This week’s restaurant reviews

The old Parkwood Cafe site has been transformed

The old Parkwood Cafe site has been transformed into a lively, witty laboratory, down to the schematics of desserts listed on blackboards at Roots Bistro Gourmand in West Islip. (Sept. 22, 2012) (Credit: Alessandro Vecchi)

In this week’s Newsday, Peter Gianotti bestows three stars on Roots Bistro Gourmand in West Islip, calling it “one of the year’s best restaurants.” Co-owners Philippe Corbet (chef) and James Robert Orlandi (general manager) of the departed O’s Food and Wine Bar in St. James are responsible for a “fresh, ambitious spot [that] upends and refines the bistro idea, French and otherwise, then turns on the electricity. The result: contemporary, creative, irresistible.”

Joan Reminick visits Fancy Lee Asian Bistro ’n’ Sushi in Babylon which “has what it takes to draw families. Housed in a former diner, the restaurant comes by its name because, says co-owner An Le Lee, ‘it looks fancy — for a diner.’”

Reminick has also compiled a new restaurant guide that’s both penny pinching and gut busting: 10 meals for under 10 bucks.

The bustling scene at Roots Bistro Gourmand in West Islip

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