3 picks for Long Island restaurants serving great beer

Jessica Vasey, a bartender at Left Coast Kitchen

Jessica Vasey, a bartender at Left Coast Kitchen in Merrick, serves a microbrew to a customer. (March 19, 2011) (Credit: Becky Holladay)

The eve of September means: Oktoberfest is coming. You can get a head start on some very good brews with your food at these three establishments.


This spirited spot offers fine brews from Germany, Belgium and the United States to accompany savory stuff morning, noon and night. Lobster roll, crab mini-burgers, shrimp-and-grits, root beer-glazed pork chop, "more long than short rib."


Plenty of good beer has been flowing at the Southampton Publick House since 1996. The seasonal brews and farmhouse ales are especially good. Sip away between bites of the bacon-wrapped shrimp, ale-battered cod burger, lager-dipped fish and chips, Cuban sandwich, shrimp po'boy.

WATERZOOI, Garden City

You'll revel in brews at Waterzooi, especially Trappist and abbey ales. The "Belgian bistro" takes in mussel pots, oysters, steaks, burgers, salads, sandwiches, and, yes, a Brussels waffle that, capped with strawberries, briefly brings back a memory of the 1964-65 World's Fair.

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