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Weekend family fun on Long Island: 'The Wizard of Oz,' pizza parties and more

You and your family can catch a live

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Looking for things to do with the kids this weekend? From Halloween celebrations and pizza parties to "The Wizard of Oz" and more, there's much to do on Long Island. Here are my top five picks for family-friendly activities this weekend:

1. Halloween Family Fun Party at Science Museum of Long Island (1526 N. Plandome Rd., Manhassat) on Friday, Nov. 1 from 6 to 8 p.m. Families can...

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4 tricks for a healthy Halloween

Maggi di Silva, author of "Real Family Halloween

(Credit: Maggie di Silva, 2011)

Ask your kids what they love about Halloween and most, if not all, will shout “candy."

While this fun tradition may wreak havoc on your kids' teeth -- and bedtime routines -- there are many tricks to help keep some of the treats at bay.

For starters, determine a reasonable number of days your kids can enjoy the sweets and discuss this with them before they head out trick-or-treating....

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Feeding the kids: Halloween Ice Scream sandwiches

The Halloween Ice Scream sandwich recipe can be

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In my ongoing quest to find tasty, kid-friendly food appropriate for the whole family, this week I chose a fun Halloween dessert, perfect for post trick-or-treating. I found the recipe in "Cookies & Cream: Hundreds of Ways to Make The Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich," by Tessa Arias (Running Press, $19).

Halloween Ice Scream Sandwich (Makes about 12 ice cream sandwiches)


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Free fun with Disney's 'Princess Palace Pets' app

Kids can care for their own digital pet

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Your little princess may not be ready to take care of a real puppy or kitten, but with Disney’s latest app, she can have her very own digital one.

Disney's "Princess Palace Pets” introduces kids to their favorite princesses’ cuddly pals, such as Cinderella’s pup, Pumpkin, and Rapunzel’s pony, Blondie. After reading a quick tale about how the princess met her furry friend, kids can take...

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October is the month to talk to your teens about sexuality

Planned Parenthood has designated October as "Let's talk"

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Planned Parenthood has designated October as “Let’s talk” month, aimed at getting families talking about topics related to sexuality — including relationships, bodies and body image, reproduction, gender and sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and preventing pregnancy and STDs.

To help, Planned Parenthood has introduced a video and an interactive digital tool that teens can use to make conversations...

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Trick-or-treat tracking apps make Halloween less scary for parents

New apps allow parents to keep track of

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Your child may be excited to scour the neighborhood for candy this Halloween, but when it comes to you, the idea of allowing your son or daughter to trick-or-treat alone might seem a lot more frightening than any creepy mask or horror flick.

Fortunately, thanks to new technology, letting your child trick-or-treat solo is about to get a lot less scary.

"Track n Treat" and "Life360"...

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Nostalgic candy ads in honor of Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, "Reminisce" magazine has

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In the spirit of Halloween, “Reminisce” magazine has compiled seven nostalgic vintage candy ads from the 1950s, for the little kid still in even the most mature of grown ups.

They include a Saturday Evening Post ad for Life Savers from 1950, when the candy was 5 cents; a 1952 advertisement for 10-cent toasted almond Mars bars, touting them as “The Candy Bar that’s Like a Chocolate Nut Sundae!”...

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Connect with parenting experts in real time with MommyCoach

MommyCoach allows users to connect with parenting experts

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Have you ever wished you could get expert parenting advice without leaving your couch? Thanks to a new service created by and for moms, parents can trade flipping through parenting books for video chatting with experts in real time. MommyCoach is a new service that matches moms with a wide variety of parenting and lifestyle pros. These experts, most of whom are mothers themselves, are ready to answer...

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Halloween safety tips for kids

Get eight Halloween safety tips for your kids,

(Credit: Alex Garcia)

Trick-or-treating is a time-honored tradition that thousands of young children look forward to every year, but it leaves many parents worried. Forget the calorie-laden loot bag or potential for cavities from all the candy. Most parents are concerned about their children's safety as they're wandering around the neighborhood. So before your kids head out on their Halloween adventure, take some time...

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Halloween crafts for kids: Jar-o'-lantern candle holders

The Jar-o'-lantern Candle Holder can be found on

(Credit: Ed Judice )

Get into the spirit of Halloween with this autumn-inspired craft from Spoonful.com, a website from Disney that is filled with thousands of crafts, games and recipes for children and families.

Jar-o'-lantern Candle Holders

What you'll need - masking tape - clean, dry jar - paintbrush - orange acrylic paint - battery-operated tea light

How to make it

1. Cut masking tape into...

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