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What to do with leftover Easter eggs

Not sure what to do with the leftover

(Credit: Jack and Jill magazine)

After hunting, what do you do with all of those leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs? Besides making egg salad, here’s a fun science experiment to try from "Jack and Jill" magazine: Use air pressure to suck an egg into an empty jar. Then help your kids figure out how to get the egg out.

Trapped eggs

What you'll need - Glass jar with a narrow neck - Peeled hard-boiled egg - 4 matches


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Book review: 'How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare'

Ken Ludwig, author of "How to Teach Your

As the kids editor, I’ve learned at least one truth: There will never be a shortage of parenting books. According to the quality of some of the titles that cross my desk, this can be a bad thing. And it can also be a great thing, especially when a book like “How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare” (Crown Trade, $25) shows up in the mail.

The forthcoming book is by playwright and director Ken...

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Healthy fast food for kids? Only one option, report says

"Most chains seem stuck in a time warp,

(Credit: iStock)

A new study confirms what smart parents ought to know about what they’re allowing their children to put in their mouths.

Pretty much all fast food aimed at children is unhealthy.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest report, released March 28, looked at almost 3,500 chain meals for children who are 4 to 8, finding that 97 percent failed to meet the Washington, D.C. nonprofit’s...

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Parents would give up coffee for more family time

A Disney survey says parents say they crave

(Credit: iStock)

Between long work hours, after-school activities and other daily distractions, families today are feeling less and less connected and miss spending quality time together, according to a new survey from Disney.

I'm guilty of feeling this way, and I only have a 2-year-old -- I can't imagine how it will be in a few years. My husband and I try our best to have "family time" as much as...

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Weekend family fun on Long Island: Easter egg hunts, spring festivals and more

Penguins waddle at the Long Island Aquarium and

(Credit: Newsday / Ed Betz)

Looking for things to do with the kids this weekend? From the Easter Bunny and egg hunts to Pinocchio, penguins and more, there's much to do on Long Island. Here are my top five picks for fun, family-friendly activities this weekend:

1. Penguin Brunch at Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center (431 E. Main St., Riverhead). Celebrate spring with the penguins, enjoy a seasonal brunch, make...

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Easter egg hunting - at an organic farm

Setauket's Benner Farm offers an Easter egg hunt

As a kid, I loved Easter egg hunts -- who wouldn’t love tearing through an emerald field on one of the first days of Spring, turning every rock in the name of chocolate and Peeps?

My wife and I are parents now, and this is the first spring in which our son will be old enough to appreciate the glory of the egg hunt. And we’ve found a venue to blend our love of multicolored eggs with our passion...

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Feeding the kids: Easter desserts

A kid-friendly Easter dessert recipe from FamilyCircle.com.

(Credit: FamilyCircle.com)

In my ongoing quest to find tasty, kid-friendly food appropriate for the whole family, this week I chose a decadent chocolate dessert, perfect for Easter celebrations. I found the recipe on FamilyCircle.com/Easter.

Easter Eggs (makes about 10 large eggs or 20 small eggs)

Ingredients - 1/3 cup butter or margarine - 1 package (about 3 ounces, 4 servings) chocolate pudding and pie filling...

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Secrets of successful celebrity families

Ben Affleck, seen with wife Jennifer Garner and

(Credit: Handout)

It seems there’s a new split every other week among Hollywood’s couples. But there are a few duos that keep the flame burning in Tinseltown. From David and Victoria Beckham‘s 13-year union, to Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s two decade-plus marriage, CelebrityBabyScoop.com looked at 10 Hollywood couples with strong marriages.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Sarah...

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Easter crafts for kids: Fondant egg and chick

The Fondant Chicks from Michaels make for a

(Credit: Handout)

While your kids are eagerly awaiting the Easter Bunny, take a break from dyeing eggs and eating chocolate bunnies and try this fun, easy craft from the Michaels Store at Roosevelt Raceway Center in Westbury.

Fondant Egg and Chick

What you need — 6 baked cupcakes, paper removed — Rolled fondant, pure white — Fondant roller — Scissors — Pre-made white icing — Lollipop mold (Try Wilton...

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What to do when your kid says he's 'stupid'

A sad young boy sitting on cement floor.

(Credit: iStock)

One of the most heartbreaking things a parent can hear a child say is, “I am stupid.” It’s like when he skins a knee, breaks a new toy or sees a friend move away -- all you want to do is make it better.

“For most parents, when faced with a situation where their child insists that he is stupid, the initial temptation for the parent is to immediately challenge that assertion and to reassure...

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