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Twitch, the new WorryWoo Monster book and plush doll

The sixth and newest Worry Woo, Twitch the

The sixth and newest Worry Woo, Twitch the Monster of Frustration, is now available for purchase. (2012) (Credit: Handout)

The sixth and newest WorryWoo Monster -- Twitch: The Monster of Frustration -- has just launched.

Andi Green writes and illustrates the WorryWoo collection of books and produces the adorable plush monsters that go along with each story. Twitch, a purple monster with yellow horns, is the sixth in her line of characters, and Twitch’s book is called “The Very Frustrated Monster.”

The book begins, “Have you ever had a day when nothing goes right, and you wonder ‘Why me?’ from morning to night?”

The point of the WorryWoo collection is twofold, Green says. One, they are plush toy animals kids can cuddle. And two, they teach kids that everybody has uncomfortable human emotions. “These emotions should never be scary to kids, and it’s OK to have them,” she says.

Green, 36, is a New-Jersey based artist whose first book/plush in the series came out in 2007, featuring Nola and the book “The Lonely Little Monster.” “Everybody is lonely sometimes,” she says. Nola was followed by Rue, the Monster of Insecurity; Fuddle, the Monster of Confusion; Squeek, the Monster of Innocence; and Wince, the Monster of Worry.

The WorryWoos were born after Green participated in an art exhibition featuring six characters called “Monsters in My Head.”

“I had been drawing these characters since I was in high school,” she says, tagging each with an emotion. In about a month, a WorryWoo app will come out called “Don’t Feed the Worry Bug,” and Green is now in contract to develop a WorryWoos musical.

Green’s work is geared toward a target age of 5 to 8, although younger and older kids both enjoy the products as well. She recommends kids be at least 3. Items can be purchased at worrywoos.com. Books are $14.99; plush characters are $21.50; and combinations can be purchased for $36.

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