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Teen charged with drugging parents to use web

A young child sitting in front of a

A young child sitting in front of a computer. (Credit: iStock)

My first clue that something was up would have been the fact that my teenager voluntarily went out of his way to buy me a milkshake.

ABC News reported that a California teenager who was annoyed that her parents wouldn’t let her surf the Web after 10 p.m. allegedly bought her parents milkshakes and spiked them with a friend’s prescription sleeping medicine. Mom and Dad fell asleep and she went online, but the next morning the parents tested themselves for drugs and reported their daughter and her friend to police in their town of Rocklin, 25 miles northeast of Sacramento. The girls, 15 and 16, were arrested.

I can imagine kids fantasizing about putting their parents to bed so they can do whatever they want, but actually following through with it? That takes true nerve.

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If my teen did drugged me, he might have won the battle, but most definitely would lose the war. He’d have just ensured that he would lose Internet privileges at home forever. Not before 10 p.m., not after.

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