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Preparing for the first day of school

Jonathan Lowe will be starting school when he

Jonathan Lowe will be starting school when he turns 3, on Dec. 1, 2012, in Bay Shore. (Credit: Keyani Dudley)

I recently called our local Head Start to sign up Jonathan, who’s eligible to participate in the 4-hour program when he turns 3 on Dec. 1.

I’m so excited for our little boy to be starting school, but also sad that he’s growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday he started walking, now he’s running and riding a tricycle and singing the theme songs to his favorite shows, “Little Einsteins” and “Fresh Beat Band.”

His dad, Andre, and I are doing a few things in preparation of his first day of school. First, potty training has jumped to the top of our to-do list. Jonathan, who mastered peeing in the potty just after turning 2, has yet to make No. 2 in the potty. And, he will in fact ask for a Pull-Up, his training pants, rather than going in the potty. We’ve kind of let him slide, as to not put too much pressure on him, but it’s time for him to make the leap into underwear.

Another thing we’ve decided to do is let him come to the gym with me when I work out so he will get the opportunity to interact with other children in the baby-sitting room. As an only child, our son is somewhat of a loner. He plays well with his cousins, but when it comes to meeting new children, I don’t think he’s shy, it seems more like he just doesn’t want to be bothered. He’ll eventually play with other kids, but not until he’s ready. He is perfectly OK playing by himself with his Hot Wheels.

We’ll of course continue to read and count and sing the ABC’s with him. And we’ll talk up our big boy going to school so it won’t be too much of a shock when it actually happens.

I’m sure, however, there is nothing that will prepare me for when we have to drop him off on his first day. Whether he bawls because he doesn’t want to be left, or he excitedly runs off to his classroom, I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry.

How did you prepare your children for their first day of school?

Photo: Jonathan Lowe, 2.

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