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Parents would give up coffee for more family time

A Disney survey says parents say they crave

A Disney survey says parents say they crave more family time and would give up coffee, sleep and more to have an hour more a day with their children. (Credit: iStock)

Between long work hours, after-school activities and other daily distractions, families today are feeling less and less connected and miss spending quality time together, according to a new survey from Disney.

I'm guilty of feeling this way, and I only have a 2-year-old -- I can't imagine how it will be in a few years. My husband and I try our best to have "family time" as much as we can. Some days are easier than others, of course, but we aim to do something together every night -- even if it's reading books, having a dance party or watching a movie.

It appears many parents agree. The Disney Time Survey, which was conducted by market research firm, Kelton, and based on more than 1,000 parents with kids ages 5 to 17, found that 91 percent of parents report quality time is achieved when they learn something new about their child, while 84 percent of parents say quality time means their child learned something about them. The survey also found that moms and dads are craving more time with their kids.

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In fact, 96 percent of parents would give up at least one thing for a year to spend just one extra hour with their children every week, such as a favorite TV show/sports game (78 percent), the Internet (74 percent), shopping (74 percent), sleeping late (69 percent), a favorite hobby (64 percent), even coffee (59 percent).

Here are other interesting stats the Disney Time Survey found:

-- Of 52 weeks a year, on average, parents admit that they have only 15 free weekends (for example, no plans). Further, 13 percent say they have no free weekends.

-- Almost one in two parents feel that out of all the time they spend with their children, only half of it, at most, could be classified as "quality time." However, while on vacation, parents report that 82 percent of time would fall in the "quality time" category.

-- Parents report eating an average of 10 meals with their children in a typical week at home. However, when on a seven-day vacation, families say they almost double the number of meals they eat together (19 meals vs. 10 meals) -- and 68 percent claim they would eat all 21 meals (three meals a day) as a family.

-- When asked to pick one specific location where they felt their family would have the best time on vacation, top responses in terms of type were theme parks, beach, cruises and camping, respectively.

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