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New app: Who got stuck in White House bathtub?

A new app from Disney Publishing, called Disney

A new app from Disney Publishing, called Disney American Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook, is $3.99. (Credit: Handout)

Which president got stuck in a White House bathtub?

This is the kind of question likely to get kids interested in presidential life this election season --  how that POTUS got out of the tub he was lodged in is probably more interesting to them than which of the current candidates has the economic plan that will get America back on its feet.

Kids can learn the answer to the bathtub question and more with Disney Publishing’s new iPad app: Disney American Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook.

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(Incidentally, it was President William Taft, the 27th POTUS, who had to be pulled out of the White House tub in 1909. He was more than 6 feet tall and weighed more than 300 pounds and the tub was just too small for him.)

The Disney team worked with a producer from "The Daily Show" and the "Colbert Report" to take a look at all 44 presidents in an interactive scrapbook and through cartoons and animations. It also includes interviews with White House insiders such as Bob Woodward, Jon Meacham and more.                               

The app is tied to national social studies curriculum standards for grades three to eight, according to Disney Publishing. It covers such topics as homesteading, civil rights and trust busting. Each president gets his own spread that covers his key decisions and historical legacy.

The app is available for $3.99 on iPad or at the App store.

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