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Host your own cloth diaper party

Our son's red cloth diaper is sure to

Our son's red cloth diaper is sure to be a big hit.

February is a great month for parties -- the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards ceremony and Valentine’s Day are all perfect occasions to gather people together. Here’s one more great reason to have a party: cloth diapers.

My wife and I are among the proud minority of parents who outfit their children with washable, reusable cloth diapers. This month, we’re hosting a “cloth diaper party” for friends who also use cloth or are interested in making the switch.

A cloth diaper party is basically just a multi-family playdate where parents can ask questions about cloth diapers, talk about any issues they’ve been having with different products, and sell or swap diapers. It’s a fairly common event in cloth diaper circles, because it gives families a chance to learn more about cloth and share advice about their use. We’re encouraging party-goers to bring a sample of their cloth diaper stash to show the group.

Because we live in a somewhat small apartment, we’ve arranged for a small group of ten families - enough that our home will be bursting with parents and cloth-clad tots. The parents who will be attending are mostly people we’ve met through a Facebook page for Long Island cloth diaper families.

For more information about cloth diaper parties visit diaperparties.com.

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