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Halloween crafts for kids: Leaf ghosts

Rosetta's frosty leaf ghosts, from Spoonful.com, are a

Rosetta's frosty leaf ghosts, from Spoonful.com, are a great, autumn-inspired craft to do with your kids. (Credit: Spoonful.com)

Get into the spirit of Halloween with this autumn-inspired craft from Spoonful.com, a new website from Disney that is filled with thousands of crafts, games and recipes for children and families.

Rosetta's Frosty Leaf Ghosts

What you'll need ...
- Silk maple leaves, or other similarly shaped leaves (sold in craft and department stores)
- Scissors
- Waxed paper
- White fabric paint
- Paintbrush or foam brush
- White or silver glitter
- Black permanent marker

How to make it ...
1. Turn each leaf so the points face up and use the scissors to round the top to resemble a ghost's head.  

2. Working on a waxed-paper-covered surface, paint the leaves white (front and back). If needed, give them a second coat.  

3. While the paint is still tacky, sprinkle the surfaces with glitter.

4. Once the paint dries, use the marker to draw on ghostly facial features. 

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