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Feeding the kids: Carrots in Dirt cookies

Carrot cookies dipped in Oreo crumbs from the

Carrot cookies dipped in Oreo crumbs from the site ourdish.blogpost.com. (Credit: Handout)

In my ongoing quest to find tasty, kid-friendly food appropriate for the whole family, this week I chose a delicious spring-themed cookie. I found the recipe on ourdish.blogpost.com.

Carrot in Dirt Cookies

What you need
- 1 tube of refrigerated sugar cookie dough
- Yellow and red food coloring
- 1 package of Oreo cookies
- Toothpicks
- Green ribbon
- Small, 3 oz. plastic cups

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1. Dump out your cookie dough into a bowl.

2. Slowly knead in a few drops of food coloring at a time until you reach a rich, orange color. You may need more of the yellow than red.

3. Roll about a teaspoon of dough between your palms to get a skinny cone shape. Keep them quite small; they will grow while cooking.

4. Take a knife and lightly touch it to each carrot 4-5 times to make little lines. Nothing too deep.

5. Bake them at 350 for 7-8 minutes. Don't let them brown on the edges!

6. While those are cooking, load up your food processor with a bunch of Oreo cookies.

7. Once you've ground them into coarse crumbs, put a spoonful into each cup (about 1/3 full).

8. Once your carrots finish baking and cool down, you can tie a bow or knot of ribbon around the end of a toothpick and carefully place into the top of each cookie.

9. Place your carrot cookie in the cup of dirt and spoon a little more crumbs on each side until it stands up on its own.

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