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Celebrate 'Moms for Moms Day'

The Bump and CT Working Moms declared Tuesday,

The Bump and CT Working Moms declared Tuesday, March 4 as "Mom For Moms Day," a national day to help end the mommy wars and the judgments moms have toward each other. (Credit: TheBump.com)

Moms today face tremendous pressure to make “perfect” parenting decisions, only to find themselves judged or criticized by others — including other moms. From choosing to go back to work or what to feed your baby, to the best ways to educate and discipline, everyone has an opinion.

To help end the mommy wars and the judgments moms have toward each other, The Bump and CT Working Moms teamed up to declare Tuesday, March 4 national "Moms For Moms Day." The idea behind the day is to bring awareness to the issue and encourage moms to stand together and support one another for their own parenting decisions.

"There will always be someone who doesn't agree with your parenting technique or the type of food you feed your baby, but you have to keep telling yourself that these decisions are what's best for you and your family," said Elena Mauer, deputy editor of TheBump.com. "Don't let a judgment from another mom make you question your parenting choices. It's important to stick up for yourself. A lot of judgments moms make come from their own insecurities of how they're parenting."

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Mauer recommends joining local parenting groups and community message boards with like-minded moms. "Knowing and feeling like you're not alone in your decisions helps you feel part of a larger community of moms making similar choices," she said.

Looking to get involved? Share your own "mommy truths" with the hashtag #Moms4Moms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Download the printable template and post to your social media sites. Visit TheBump.com to see examples and learn more.


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