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Amelia Bedelia turns 50!

On Tuesday, Jan. 29, Amelia Bedelia, everyone's favorite

On Tuesday, Jan. 29, Amelia Bedelia, everyone's favorite literal-minded housekeeper turns 50. (Credit: Handout)

The beloved, literal-minded housekeeper Amelia Bedelia is celebrating her golden anniversary Tuesday.

Amelia Bedelia first paved her way onto bookshelves in 1963, and she's still entertaining children of all ages as she tries to do everything right, yet nothing ever goes according to plan, whether she's dressing the chicken in overalls or dusting the furniture with dusting powder -- literally.

There are close to 40 "Amelia Bedelia" books, with the first 12 written by Peggy Parish and the next 27 penned by her nephew, Herman Parish, following her death. Although several illustrators brought Amelia Bedelia to life through the years, her classic apron and bonnet always stayed the same.

To celebrate Amelia Bedelia's momentous day, Greenwillow Books (an imprint of HarperCollins) proclaimed Jan. 29 "Amelia Bedelia Day," encouraging schools, libraries and parents to host a party in her honor. To help with the planning, Greenwillow Books designed an event kit featuring party games such as Pin-the-Pie-on-Amelia Bedelia, educational activities, name tags, sticker sheets and more. You can find it here.

The publisher also released "Amelia Bedelia Fiftieth Anniversary Edition," by Peggy Parish and illustrated by Fritz Siebel (Greenwillow, $14.99), to commemorate the event. The jacket, artwork and story are from the original 1963 edition. You'll also find additional photographs, sketches, anecdotes and more.

For more information, visit ameliabedeliabooks.com.

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