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7 toy safety tips for kids

Make sure your family stays safe while they

Make sure your family stays safe while they play with these seven toy safety tips. (Credit: iStock)

There are few things that make a child happier than opening a new toy on Christmas morning, and, while it's easy to get caught up in the excitement, it's important to stay safe, too.

A new report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission noted that there were about 192,000 toy-related injuries reported last year.

To make sure your family stays safe this holiday season, check out this quick list of toy safety tips to remember on Christmas, and all year-round.

-Children can choke or suffocate on deflated or broken balloons. Keep deflated balloons away from children younger than eight years old. Discard broken balloons immediately.

-For children younger than age three, avoid small balls and toys with small parts, which can cause choking.

-Riding toys, skateboards and in-line skates go fast. Helmets and safety gear should be worn properly at all times and they should be sized to fit.

-High-powered magnet sets are dangerous and should be kept away from children. Whether marketed for children or adults, building and play sets with small magnets should also be kept away from small children.

-Immediately discard plastic wrapping or other toy packaging before the wrapping and packaging become dangerous playthings.

-Keep toys appropriate for older children away from younger siblings.

-Battery-charging should be supervised by adults. Chargers and adapters can pose thermal burn hazards to young children. Pay attention to instructions and warnings on battery chargers. Some chargers lack any mechanism to prevent overcharging.

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