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MONSTER TREADS TRACTOR (Ertl/John Deere), ages 6 and
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MONSTER TREADS TRACTOR (Ertl/John Deere), ages 6 and up

This is a remote-controlled tractor. I was able to drive it in the street. I like that it uses rechargeable batteries. The tires pump up with air. I played with it and also spun wheelies. I thought that was really cool. My older brothers, Kaleb and James, also tried it and liked to play with it. We used Kaleb's bike ramp to make it do jumps, and then it bounced off the driveway when it landed. This toy is not good for little kids because it is hard for them to steer. Rating: 5 -- Camden Brennan, Kidsday Reporter(Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly)

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