Corn mazes on Long Island

Katie Hayes and Megan Hayes, both from Massapequa,

(Credit: Photo by Randee Daddona)

Corn mazes on LI range from a 10-minute stroll for the wee ones to mind-bending 30- to 50-minute puzzles that will tax your knowledge, memory and concentration. And, there also are night mazes where ghosts, ghouls and other creatures rattle the stalks behind and jump out at you.

Younger children may need to be accompanied through some of the Island’s many mazes. If so, the adult may also have to pay admission. If a night maze is on your agenda, plan to bring a flashlight. It is OK to ask if live actors are stationed in the maze. You shouldn’t expect to be grabbed, but do expect close encounters of the scary kind. And, while you don’t want ghouls and goblins touching you, remember that you shouldn’t try to touch them, either. -- BY SYLVIA E. KING-COHEN

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    Andrews Family Farm and Greenhouses Farm stand, Pumpkin picking 1038 Sound Ave. Wading River $3 (free for adult accompanying paying child). This 1/4-acre by 1/4-acre, kid-friendly corn maze takes about 10 minutes to maneuver. Afterward, browse 3 acres of pumpkins and enjoy the farm stand's baked goods and roasted corn ($2.50).

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    The BBGG Farm & Nursery (William Borella) Farm stand, U-Pick venues, Corn maze/Hay rides, Pumpkin picking 625 North Country Rd. St. James At a whopping 15 acres, this unthemed corn maze ($5) can take 45 minutes to an hour to maneuver, "unless you run," says owner William Borella. "It isn't elaborate. We don't have actors, bridges or people jumping out at you. It is just an old-fashioned fun maze." You can also take a 15-minute hayride ($5) around the perimeter of the farm. There also is a combo ticket ($8) that covers the corn maze and hayride. Afterward, enjoy hot cider ($2) and roasted corn ($3 or two for $5) at the concession stand.

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    Borella's Farm Stand Farm stand, Corn maze/Hay rides, Pumpkin picking 485 Edgewood Avenue across from Whisper Vineyards St. James Take a 20-minute hayride to the 2-acre, kid-friendly corn maze (included in $11 farm admission). Once you find your way through this mild puzzler, you exit to the pumpkin patch (79 cents per pound). The festival also includes bounce rides, corn launchers, face painting ($3-$5) and a tire corn box, which is similar to a sand box. Don't forget to visit the concession stand for burgers, dogs and roasted corn.

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    Elwood Pumpkin Farm in Huntington.

    Elwood Pumpkin Farm Corn maze/Hay rides, Christmas tree cutting, Pumpkin picking 1500 Jericho Tpke. Huntington This small kid-friendly corn maze (150 feet by 150 feet) will amuse the children without confounding them. Accompanying adult must also pay the $4 admission. Afterward, take a 20-minute wagon ride ($6) around the farm and learn about growing pumpkins and other farm trivia before stopping at the 11-acre pumpkin patch.

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    Katie Hayes and Megan Hayes, both from Massapequa,

    Fairview Farm Farm stand, Attractions, Pumpkin picking, Corn maze/Hay rides 69 Horsemill Lane Bridgehampton This year’s corn maze design depicts a pig with its hooves on two pumpkins ($10 adults, $8 ages 4-11). After enjoying the corn maze and pumpkin picking (70 cents per pound), drop by the farm stand for homemade pies and snacks ($3-$5), including ribbon potatoes, roasted corn and organic popcorn. There also is a corn cannon, and a corn box similar to a sandbox for the little ones.

  • Finks Country Farm U-Pick venues, Corn maze/Hay rides, Pumpkin picking 6242 Middle Country Road Wading River The 7-acre corn maze is theme-less, save for Fink's logo cut into it. The good news is the $13 farm admission (free 2 and younger) includes unlimited access to the maze, plus the animal farm, hay ride and bounce house.

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    October 2, 2006: Liam Joyce, age 5, of

    F & W Schmitt Farms U-Pick venues, Corn maze/Hay rides, Pumpkin picking 26 Pinelawn Rd. Melville The daytime 7-acre corn maze ($9) has a "Gladiator" theme. You have to reach stations to obtain a stamp that tells you you're going the right way. It takes about 45 minutes to complete. There also is a smaller, spooky nighttime corn maze ($11). Feel free to bring a flashlight as none will be provided. Pumpkins (72 cents per pound) includes a free hayride to the patch.

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    Gabrielsen's Country Farm Farm stand, Haunted House, Corn maze/Hay rides, Pumpkin picking 1299 Main Rd. Jamesport With 11 acres, you’ll easily get turned around in this unthemed puzzler ($9.50 ages 2 and up) that’s full of dead ends and wrong turns that takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Price includes unlimited bounce rides, hayrides, self-guided tours of farm animals, games and music. They also have 1.5 acres of pumpkins (59 cents per pound).

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    Glover Farms in Brookhaven. (June 16, 2014)

    Glover Farms Farm stand, U-Pick venues, Pumpkin picking, Corn maze/Hay rides 633 Victory Rd. Brookhaven This 10-acre maze ($6) is themed after "The Hunger Games." In order to solve it, you'll have to follow the clues to find all 13 districts from the popular book and movie. Visitors can also wander through a 15 acres of pumpkins (59 cents per pound) to find the perfect one. And, be sure to visit the concession stand, animals and other games.

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    A man wheels pumpkins at Hank's Pumpkintown in

    Hank's Pumpkintown Farm stand, Apple picking, Pumpkin picking, Corn maze/Hay rides 240 Montauk Hwy. Water Mill Pay one price -- $12-- and you'll get unlimited trips through Hank's three corn mazes -- two lasting 15 minutes and the hour-long "Farm Scene Investigation" maze. Visitors must collect clues to help the figure out what happened to Farmer Joe, who has gone missing. Those 12 and younger must be accompanied by a paying adult in the maze park. A long list of other activities come with the mazes (peddle carts, slides, games), so expect to make a day of it. They also have 8 acres of pumpkins (65 cents per pound), including the giant pumpkins that can top 200 pounds. Their extensive concession stand has baked goods, apple cider donuts, snacks and roasted corn.

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Inside some of LI's scariest corn mazes

Glover Farms, in Brookhaven, has a chicken-themed, 10-acre

Glover Farms, in Brookhaven, has a chicken-themed, 10-acre corn maze. Looking for clues to the maze are Natalie Maida from left, Kayleigh Balcarcel, Hailey Devine and Courtney Kane, all from Brookhaven. (Oct. 9, 2011) (Credit: Randee Daddona)

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Corn mazes are ubiquitous around Long Island during the fall. While some are kid-friendly puzzles that can be solved in mere minutes, others are full-blown labyrinths than span up to 10 acres (figure the size of at least six football fields). Don't expect to make just a few turns to find your way to freedom. With these mazes, some of which can take an hour to conquer, you'll have to answer questions and solve riddles to escape.

Hank's Pumpkintown

240 Montauk Hwy., Water Mill

INFO 631-726-4667,

ADMISSION $10 (includes access to two easier mazes)


With a theme of Buy Fresh, Buy Local, the 7-acre maze is a daunting barnyard scene. A map is provided, but it did little for Jennifer Hovestadt, 40, of East Yaphank, and daughters Gabriella, 12, and Isabelle, 10, when they visited on Columbus Day.

"I think we got lost at the first left," says Hovestadt, who wandered for more than an hour with a map in one hand and her BlackBerry in the other.

There are five help stations in Hank's where you can email for assistance.

Ten-year-old Ani Gerlach of Centereach figured out the most useful clue on her own.

"I understood quickly that you have to turn the map when you make a turn to make it work. Every time we passed a station, I marked it with the crayon," says Ani, who was navigating for her mom, Sophia Gerlach, 45. "I just told Mom to relax, and I'd get us out alive."

And she did, exiting in a scorching 45 minutes.

Harbes Farm & Vineyard

1223 Main Rd. (Route 25), Jamesport

INFO 631-722-2022,



Harbes' 7-acre "Wild West" adventure maze is designed on the premise of helping the Lone Ranger find his missing items -- that takes 20 to 30 minutes. Then, you can either exit over a bridge that overlooks the entire maze or go in search of the Four Desperados, which takes at least another half-hour. But you won't have to go at it entirely alone.

"We have five people in the maze whose job is to further the story and offer assistance," says maze designer David Harbes.

Anthony Castro, 15, and siblings Natalia, 11, and Michael, 7, all of Glen Cove, weren't that interested in helping The Lone Ranger -- but they did learn one useful trick: People nearby aren't any wiser about solving the maze.

"We'd hear voices and try to find those people, thinking they were further along, and we'd just end up at a dead end and have to go back," Anthony says.

Christa Corelli, 22, of Mastic, goes to Harbes every year. "The characters help," she says. "We got out in about 45 minutes this time. Last year, it took us two hours."

Glover Farms

633 Victory Rd./Horseblock Rd., Brookhaven

INFO 631-286-2226



This 10-acre Funky Chicken Gang maze has visitors finding wooden chickens and answering riddles. "There's an exit?" says Marie Rupolo, 39, of East Patchogue, after coming back out through the entrance with sons Evan, 8; and Brett, 2.

Since it was Evan's first corn maze, the family decided to go back in and let him try to navigate. "I wanted to come because Mommy and Daddy thought I'd be afraid," says Evan with pride, after completing the maze is a respectable 30 minutes.

Gabrielsen's Country Plant Farm

1299 Main Rd. (Route 25), Jamesport

INFO 631-722-3259

ADMISSION $8 (ages 10 and younger must be accompanied by a paying adult)


While it is unthemed, this maze is vast at 8 acres. There are numerous exits, but you can spend 30 minutes or longer in there if you don't take the easy way out.

Gia Paguanni, 10, of Howard Beach ventured into the maze with cousin Heather Paguanni, 12, of Woodhaven. They came back out in about 15 minutes.

"It was scary," Gia says. "There were people in there scaring each other, so we found the first exit."

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