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Alec Baldwin interviews Billy Joel in East Hampton

Alec Baldwin and Billie Joel attend the screening

Alec Baldwin and Billie Joel attend the screening of "Last Play at Shea" at Guild Hall in East Hampton on September 4, 2010. photo by Jakes Van der Watt/SocietyAllure.com (Credit: Jakes Van der Watt/SocietyAllure)

The East Hampton screening Saturday of “The Last Play at Shea," a Summer Doc production of the Hamptons International Film Festival, was not only an Ode to the Mets’ late home set to the emotionally charged music of Long Island boy Billy Joel but it was also an opportunity to get many of the Hamptons’ brightest stars together in one intimate room.

Joel, who played the last concert at Shea Stadium before its closing in 2008, said he couldn’t refuse the opportunity to be the closing act. “Shea Stadium is full of Brendas and Eddies,” he said, referring to two characters in his epic ballad “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.” “Physically, Shea is part of Long Island. And this is where I’m from. This island that sticks off New York. We’re stuck together. We have an inferiority complex and I find it charming.”

Alec Baldwin, who sat beside Joel onstage, had the crowd laughing as he probed the rocker about his seemingly amiable relationship with ex-wife Christie Brinkley, who sat in the audience, her bright blue eyes shining under her sweet black hat. When a familiar voice sounded from the back of the room to ask Joel how he got through Hicksville High School, everyone turned around to see Lorraine Bracco.

And the snippets of life that the crowd was able to glimpse from the interview were the real gems of the evening. For example, Joel told a story of when he was just rising to stardom and he’d hitchhike to New Jersey to catch a show of young Bruce Springsteen and join him on stage to play “Twist and Shout."