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The Animal Party

People partying at Georgica in Wainscott during Memorial

People partying at Georgica in Wainscott during Memorial Day weekend. Similar crowds are likely for the hot spot’s Labor Day weekend as well. (May 27, 2013) (Credit: Johnny Milano)

By Tuesday, Sept. 3, the 2013 Hamptons summer club scene will be officially over. While some smaller parties and get-togethers will likely still be rolling out before the end of the month, for the most part the city-powered hospitality element responsible for most of the seasonal venues will soon be packing up and getting back to focusing on its home turf. So if you've yet to hit one of the East End’s destination hangouts, Labor Day weekend would definitely be a good time -- and the last possible time this year -- to do so.

Many spots will be importing hot mixers from NYC for their finales, but over at Georgica Restaurant & Lounge in Wainscott, the last big, clubby event of the season (set for Saturday, Aug. 31) involves a San Francisco-based selector whose soirees tend to draw major crowds: DJ Traviswild.

On the West Coast, Traviswild ( is known for an event called “The Animal Party.” Its theme involves dressing a bit like a beast -- as in wearing mammalian masks and costumes while knocking around blowup monkeys, giraffes and other jungle creatures -- with all behaving “wildly” as the DJ drops upbeat, bass-pounding, electronic dance. Back in July, Traviswild (aka Travis Peitz) had brought “Animal” to Sienna in East Hampton and it was well-received -- so chances are that holding the Animal Party at the popular Georgica during the holiday weekend will lead to another major response.

The party kicks off at 11 p.m., and getting in will probably mean buying table service, which could cost in the thousands of dollars -- but unlike many Hamptons hot spots, anyone can make dinner reservations beforehand -- which means arriving earlier, dining and then hanging around until the festivities begin. Suggested attire includes animal print clothing; call 631-537-6255 or visit online for RSVPs and more information.

Georgica Restaurant & Lounge: 108 Wainscott Stone Rd., Wainscott, 631-537-6255

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