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‘Penciling’ in Mondays at Kreators

A journal awaits guests to open and add

Usually, when a spot is referred to as sketchy, it’s a reference to expectations of there being a possibly problematic scene -- but at Kreators Bar in Mount Sinai, management hopes all their clientele come in and get “sketchy,” so to speak.

There are few bars (if any) on LI that are as art-minded as Kreators -- as the work of local artists is available daily to view and purchase off the walls,...

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Bards to battle before the Super Bowl

Jay Vegas, 29, of Freeport, won the "golden

(Credit: Alessandra Malito)

For the millions who invest passion and energy in following the doings of the National Football League, the arrival of the Super Bowl is a special time. Now that the 2014 conference playoffs have been settled, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will take the field on Sunday, Feb. 2  to decide which team will hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy (a day widely known as “Super Bowl Sunday”).


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Ringside Bar comes out swinging

Ringside Bar at 247 S. Broadway in Hicksville.

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

Hicksville is not exactly a bar-stacked town. In fact, there are only a couple of dedicated late-night stops, and one of them was No Limits -- which is now no more.

After almost two decades in existence, the simple, mostly-locals bar closed its doors in 2013. However, a new tenant has moved into the No Limits former digs, one armed with both a fresh game plan and a brand new look.


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Dance and swing with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Why: Listen to swing music and watch

(Credit: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy)

It might not be as trendy as it was before Y2K, but modern swing is still a big thing for some people.

Inspired by the Big Band orchestra sound that served as major dance music for guys and gals during the 1930s and 1940s, swing music made a comeback during the 1990s — as artists such as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Squirrel Nut Zippers and Massapequa-born Brian Setzer put out modern tunes inspired...

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Dress up for 'Diamonds & Snow'

Tito Batista will perform at the "Diamonds &

(Credit: Brent Eysler)

When looking at today’s casual nightlife fashion, it may seem strange to think that formal attire was once not just preferred, but required.

In 2014, a man doesn't need much more than a collared shirt to gain entry to most venues — and women can often get away with street clothes — but back when long-defunct Manhattan destinations like Toots Shor’s, El Morocco and the Stork Club set the tone...

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Who is O El Amor?

Members of the band O El Amor, clockwise

(Credit: Steven J. Messina)

Have you ever walked into an LI bar or club and found a band working the stage wearing outlandish masks, wearing ill-fitting clothing and performing high-intensity versions of one-hit wonders while jumping into bursts of synchronized dancing, engaging in R-rated banter with the audience and occasionally pouring beer on their own heads?

Probably not, but if you did, that was almost assuredly...

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Spoken word is strong at 'The Muse Exchange'

The Velvet Lounge, 10 Woods Corner Rd., East

(Credit: Ian J. Stark, 2013)

When it comes to the arts, Long Island has no shortage of concerts, galleries and other opportunities offering chances to see and hear the work of creative minds -- but in the case of live, local poetry, prospects for performances are much rarer. Of  the venues that do provide stage space for spoken word, there are difficulties with  scheduling and unenthusiastic audiences  that can...

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DJ Boris coming back to LI

DJ Boris (aka Boris Inzhin) will be spinning

(Credit: JonPaul Pezzo | TRUST US ENTERTAINMENT )

Celebrity DJs have always made stops to spin on Long Island, but few can offer the promise of a bigger party than Boris.

Boris (aka Boris Inzhin) was born in Russia, but is long-considered an NYC property due to his history of successfully working Manhattan’s mega-clubs, drawing thousands and thousands of people to his city events. Delivering dozens of intense sessions over a period of many...

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Drink & Draw: paint plus pints

The Cortland in Bay Shore. (Dec. 22, 2013)

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

It's not hard to imagine that the mind of an artist could be invigorated by views of Greenport Harbor. Peaceful yet heavily traveled by boats and ships, its entirety -- from the Greenport village docks to the horizon -- could serve as a solid subject for painters seeking inspiration.

Then again, if you feel it would only take two pints of Greenport Harbor to bring your brush to life, a trip...

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Port Jazz closing its doors

The exterior sign of Port Jazz lights up

(Credit: John Griffin)

Although the new year has just arrived, the nightlife scene is already saying goodbye to one of its longer-lived and popular spots.

Port Jefferson Village is easily one of Long Island’s busier areas when it comes to good times in the evening, and over the past decade one of the hallmarks of that particular scene has been the palpable energy coming from Port Jazz, a nightclub located at 201...

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