Life on Long Island

Dress up and dance at the Foxtrot Lounge

A sign points the way to the upstairs

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

Heading out to party? If so, what will you wear?

There was a time on Long Island in the not-so-distant past (well, maybe a good 10 to 15 years ago actually) when your dress was a major factor in the decision-making process made by doormen toward whether you could even hope of gaining entry into some of the hotter hot spots on the local late-night scene.

It seems almost impossible to...

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'Java, Jazz and JB Baretsky’ at St. Joseph's

Jazz singer JB Baretsky.

(Credit: Edwin Martinez)

If you think that all Long Islanders under 30 are only into pop and hip-hop, JB Baretsky proves at least one member of the area’s youth leans toward sounds that pre-date twerking, boy bands, iTunes and auto-tune -- as well as pretty much anything else that’s currently trending in today’s youth culture.

Baretsky, a 26 year-old from Commack, is an accomplished singer who has performed successfully...

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Long Island is getting LOVE

Singer Kim Sozzi, second from left, and friends

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

With the grand opening of LOVE in Carle Place, Nassau County nightlife has received a strong upgrade.

In the last few decades, there have been so many different DJ-driven nightclubs between Queens and Suffolk County that one could actually go out between almost every night and find a different spot for serious late-night dancing and socializing – but over the past five to 10 years, the scene...

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Live art and music at Jamboozi Festival

From left: Jon Preddice, Leanne Strom, Krista Preddice,

(Credit: Doug Young)

It can be fun to head out and enjoy something that’s a bit left-of-center; the type of happenings that are both unusual and entertaining. But for those who have families, especially with very young children, events that aim to entertain via alternate routes can be for adults only -- held at venues where the age of admission is 21 and over.

However, on Sept. 29, there is a unique, off-beat,...

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‘Wear Blue for the Men You Love’ at Monsoon

The bar at Monsoon Asian Kitchen and Lounge

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

Thursday evening is always a top time to go out, with several options to hit up before retiring for the night.

This Thursday will be no different -- and among the possibilities that night will be a subtle soiree to be held at Monsoon Asian Kitchen and Lounge in Babylon Village that’s timed to kick things off right after work.

From 6 p.m.- 8 p.m., its short scheduled span provides the...

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Vines & Hops (and coffee beans)

A crowd starts to form during the grand

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

When it comes to successful social spots, coffeehouses have always been a part of the mix on LI -- but while trendy, the general lack of adult beverages can be a deterrent to those who prefer a glass of fine wine while out for a drink.

Then again, the current local craft beer rage continues to swell -- and while the finding of Long Island-born suds at pubs is not a difficult undertaking, most...

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Painters returning to Brookhaven?

The sign of the now-closed Painters in Brookhaven,

(Credit: John Griffin)

After a long hiatus, there’s suddenly word that Painters in Brookhaven may be on its way back for a second time, and a second life.

After a fire that occurred in April 2012, the restaurant and bar -- especially notable for the art that hung from its walls and ceiling in all directions -- had reportedly closed for repairs, but at the time the owner had expressed the venue would be restored...

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LI gets a chance to ‘Chive’

People dancing at the Nutty Irishman in Bay

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

When concerning the current state of interaction on Long Island, many think online media and web gatherings can deter men and women from going out and physically meeting in person. In other words, social media can prevent actual socializing.

It’s not uncommon for modern couples today to sweet-talk via texts, or for best friends to spend a night together chatting on Facebook from separate locations....

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An all-day luau at Off Key Tikki

A waitress serves tropical drinks at Off Key

(Credit: Doug Young)

With the low late-night temperatures Long Island has seen (at times dropping under 50 degrees) since August ended, it’s easy to forget that autumn doesn’t officially begin until Sept. 22. However, the pursuit of outdoor, summer-styled good times is still technically and seasonally acceptable -- and if you’re seeking something that offers warm-weather inspiration, as in “fun in the sun,” Off Key...

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New nightspots on the way

People partying at the now-defunct McFadden?s in Rockville

(Credit: David Pokress)

So far, 2013 has not been a banner year for nightlife on Long Island.

That doesn't mean the existing hot spots were necessarily short on “heat,” as the crowds have definitely been out and about as usual, But whatever the reason (LI’s financial situation and the destruction caused by superstorm Sandy have been cited as causes by some), so far the usual new class of nightclubs, bars and lounges...

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