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The return of Soiree Noir

Long Island-based burlesque entertainer Betsy Propane. She?ll be

Long Island-based burlesque entertainer Betsy Propane. She’ll be performing as part of “Soiree Noir” on Thursday, May 29 at GM Strip Steak in Great River. (Credit: Megan Raube)

On its website, George Martin's Strip Steak calls itself an "intimate steakhouse" -- but when the burlesque troupe Soiree Noir is present, its atmosphere may change from simply warm to downright piquant.

Whether or not the appellation “Strip Steak” somehow inspired such a coupling, the Great River restaurant, at 60 River Rd., has hosted this company of frisky females on several prior occasions – and the relationship seems to be a successful venture, as the ensemble has once again been scheduled to appear, this time on the last Thursday of May.

The ‘Noir shows at Strip Steak are always advertised as tasteful -- and for many people, burlesque is considered to be just that, despite its saucy modus operandi. It’s true that common practice of the style includes a level of disrobing -- but keep in mind that today’s burlesque has become a popular form of cabaret in places like Manhattan and Brooklyn. In fact, one seeking to catch a burlesque show in New York City can find recurring and special programs held at several locations, with a practically nightly frequency. Furthermore, many of its crackerjack talents strive for originality, meaning many moments of humor and intensity are to be expected.

As for Long Island, the medium has yet to grab an equally steady social foothold – but there is usually an occasional local event or two to be found -- and Strip Steak has become perhaps the most burlesque-friendly LI venue, as it has been hosting Soiree Noir shows semi-regularly since at least the end of 2013. The latest is slated for Thursday. May 29, and is to include native players Betsy Propane and Miranda Raven, as well as NYC-based performers Calamity Chang, Gal Friday and Tansy. In addition, sideshow star Stitch the Geek and singer Leah Laurenti are also booked, along with established emcee ShellyThe Singing SirenWatson, who is to be on-hand as the evening’s compere.

Everything starts at 9:30 p.m., with food served until 11 p.m. and specialty cocktails available for $7. Admission is $20, and with seating limited, reservations are highly recommended. For more information, visit GM Strip Steak online at or call 631-650-6777.

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