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Port Jazz closing its doors

The exterior sign of Port Jazz lights up

The exterior sign of Port Jazz lights up Main Street from the second floor on a Saturday night in Port Jefferson. The popular nightspot will be permanently closing its doors on Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014. (Credit: John Griffin)

Although the new year has just arrived, the nightlife scene is already saying goodbye to one of its longer-lived and popular spots.

Port Jefferson Village is easily one of Long Island’s busier areas when it comes to good times in the evening, and over the past decade one of the hallmarks of that particular scene has been the palpable energy coming from Port Jazz, a nightclub located at 201 Main St. Perched above the passing crowds on the second floor, it featured many nights of DJ sessions and band performances -- and the music and flashing lights born of its bashes were noticeable from a distance in several directions every time Port Jazz took to partying.

However, on Jan. 1 the venue -- in business for 13 years -- suddenly announced via social media that its fete set for Saturday, Jan. 4, would also be its last.

An email to the club garnered a response from owner Kenneth David, who stated that -- in his opinion -- the oversaturation of the live music scene and the state of the local economy were distinct factors in his decision to close Port Jazz. He also mentioned that new owners will be taking over the property and making changes; including the addition of a dining component (that David personally feels is a critical part of today’s nightlife amenities).

As for the final gathering on Saturday, the main event of the night will be a live performance from cover band Strecker at 9:30 p.m. For more information about Port Jazz, visit the venue online at and

Port Jazz: 201 Main St., Port Jefferson, 631-476-7600

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