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Middle Country Beer Garden: closed

Customers do country line dances to music performed

Customers do country line dances to music performed by Six Gun at Middle Country Beer Garden in Centereach. As of May 5, 2013, the club has ceased operation. (March 22, 2012) (Credit: Barbara Alper)

After a final blowout to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the Middle Country Beer Garden (MCBG) closed its doors for good on May 5.

MCBG originally took over the space formerly home to the Centereach extension of Mulcahy’s in Wantagh (3232 Railroad Ave., 516-783-7500) back in early 2012, and in its beginning stages was working via a joint partnership with Mulcahy’s. However, it soon became a completely separate entity, one known for spirited DJ parties full of younger guests and a diverse menu of craft beers. Furthermore, its Thursday weekly event – a line-dancing, country music-filled affair known as “Country Club Thursday” – received a strong, regular following from an older clientele.

However, as May 2013 began, posts on the beer garden’s Facebook page started noting that the first week of the month would feature the club’s final country night, the last of its Friday bashes and that after the Sunday Cinco de Mayo gathering wrapped, the nightspot would be no more – adding frequent mentions of appreciation for the “tremendous support” it received throughout its existence.

For those wondering what’s to become of this often-active venue located at 1702 Middle Country Rd. (it has also been home to such now-defunct hangs as the Kings Club and Hurricane O’Malley’s during the years after 2002), a Middle Country Beer Garden representative says the new owners’ likely focus will be on event catering but there could possibly be a nightlife component as well, with the next tenant arriving sometime this summer.

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