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Long Island is getting LOVE

Singer Kim Sozzi, second from left, and friends

Singer Kim Sozzi, second from left, and friends pose for the camera at the grand opening of LOVE nightclub in Carle Place. (Sept. 26, 2013) (Credit: Ian J. Stark)

With the grand opening of LOVE in Carle Place, Nassau County nightlife has received a strong upgrade.

In the last few decades, there have been so many different DJ-driven nightclubs between Queens and Suffolk County that one could actually go out between almost every night and find a different spot for serious late-night dancing and socializing – but over the past five to 10 years, the scene has dwindled, and as of the beginning of this September, the only true dance club (not megabar, catering hall or restaurant with late nights) that still existed was Aura Light and Sound Suite in East Meadow (1900 Hempstead Tpke., 516-794-3091). However, as of Sept. 26, LOVE has arrived -- and it looks to be a top spot for the dance community to frequent, as it will be hosting a steady schedule of the global club scene’s top talent.

Located in the space formerly held by Sugar Dining Den and Social Club (and also sharing some of the defunct venue’s former ownership), LOVE is a dramatic change from what was at Sugar. The "dining" component is gone, which also eliminates the transition from restaurant to dance party (i.e. the clearing of tables and the dining crowd leaving as the late-night people arrive).

The look has also been modified. The walls once held burlesque-style drawings of ladies mingling with lollipops, but Sugar’s “candy-coating” has been stripped off, as the walls are now partially covered with a bubbling, metallic sheen -- as well as a front room done in graffiti art -- creating a grittier, yet still upscale feel. Some vestiges of Sugar remain -- such as a holographic forest that remains plastered behind the bar, and the swooping, asymmetrical ceiling light display -- but now the small, mid-room Sugar DJ booth has been swapped out for a VIP area, and bottle service is available in two private sections along the walls. As for the location of the DJ, a much wider, control tower-like booth has been erected close to the back wall (where another bar is located). The main section of the floor is now dedicated to dancing.

A check of the upcoming LOVE DJ schedule reveals a possibility that any inch of space utilized for dancing may be regularly occupied on Thursdays -- as such celebrated selectors as Victor Calderone (Oct. 3), Deniz Koyu (Oct. 10), EC Twins (Oct. 17), Bambi (Oct. 24), Oscar G (Oct. 31) and Sharam (Nov. 7) are already inked to perform. For those unfamiliar with these names, they are all notable, world-renowned DJs, and -- for the most part -- the only places that line up these types of talent in our area with such proximity are either Manhattan dance clubs or Hamptons hot spots during the summer.

Another LOVE feature that recalls NYC and East End nightlife is the aforementioned bottle service -- but unlike the city or the South Fork during its social season, the prices at LOVE are much more reasonable -- with its top bottle of vodka a $575 magnum of Grey Goose (there are also options as little as $250-$295) and the priciest Champagne a $1,000 6L Perrier Jouet (but some choices go as low as $200). Cocktails are on-average $13, and the Thursday cover charge is $25 for guys, $20 for women.

LOVE will also be open Fridays and Saturdays, with possibly differing admission fees and musical formats -- but guests should always dress to impress. For VIP tables call 516-204-5633; for more information, check LOVE online at and

LOVE: 246 Voice Rd., Carle Place, 516-248-7600

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