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DJ-powered brunch at Deco 1600

DJ Carlos Melange (pictured here working at Four

DJ Carlos Melange (pictured here working at Four Food Studio in Melville on Halloween 2012) is scheduled to spin at the brunch to be held at the Deco 1600 restaurant in Plainview on Jan. 27, (Credit: Ian J. Stark)

Although not often found on the Island, club-style brunches are fairly common in NYC.

These events involve, naturally, a midday meal and such signature drinks as mimosas and Bellinis -- but what sets these functions apart from other typical brunch offerings is the presence of a DJ – not just the kind that plays background beats, but the sort of mixer usually found working nightclubs, drawing in the dance crowd to wherever their session of the evening is to be held.

Regularly thrown at various venues in Manhattan on Sundays, LI got a taste of these bashes out east last year, as the East Hampton summer spot Beaumarchais (44 Three Mile Harbor Rd., 631-604-6060) threw a weekend gathering known as theBeau Brunch from Memorial Day thru Labor Day (an affair based on brunches held at the original Beaumarchais in the city). These events started as meals, but soon transformed into high-energy happenings, with loud music and many in attendance ordering up champagne bottles while dancing up a storm. But as wildly successful as the Beau Brunch was, similar soirees really haven’t caught on anywhere else Islandwide.

However, that doesn’t mean comparable parties haven’t been attempted –  there have been some Sunday events during 2012 at the Deco 1600 restaurant located within the Carlyle At The Palace (1600 Round Swamp Rd. Plainview, 516-586-6454) – and for anyone looking to experience a late-afternoon, beat-powered brunch, the latest is set for the Deco on Jan. 27, starting at 3 p.m.

The price is $35, and in return guests receive a two-course sit-down brunch, with one complimentary Bellini or mimosa included. Other DJs are scheduled, but the headliner will be Brentwood’s own Carlos Melange – a selector and producer with a large following who, while frequently working nightspots and major venues up and down the East Coast during the year, still manages to play a busy calendar of happenings in Nassau and Suffolk.

Reservations must be made in advance; call 516-756-1600 to set up.

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