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‘BomBeat' at Flynn’s FI

Flynn's Fire Island in Ocean Bay Park. (Aug.

Flynn's Fire Island in Ocean Bay Park. (Aug. 2, 2013) (Credit: Ian J. Stark)

It’s not uncommon for DJs based anywhere from NYC to around the world to come to Long Island to deliver a session of dance music, but every once in a while, a mixer comes to LI with a rarer-found sort of sound.

For the most part, selectors (slang for “DJs”) that spin on LI put together sets that either combine a wide range of mainstream tracks (taken from genres such as pop, hit dance classics and hip-hop) or incorporate faster, harder, beats (taken from subgenres like trance, techno, progressive house and electro, among others) that tend to get people very excited – often resulting in exuberant yelling and “fist-pumping” (a popular trance dance move).

However, there are also some DJs that put together sets that use more unusual types of dance … and Nickodemus is one of them.

Nickodemus, a successful Manhattan-based producer and remixer, has been working the city club circuit for close to two decades. The songs and beats he typically uses are taken from house music -- especially the deeper, funkier tracks known as “soulful” house. Nickodemus takes this niche and blends it into sets also featuring music created abroad (Europe, South America, Africa) -- weaving a program of uplifting, percussion-heavy dance – all part of a show he is currently calling “BomBeat.”

Up until last week, he’d been working venues throughout France, the UK, Germany and Spain -- but now that he is back in the city, he will be delivering a rare Suffolk County session at Flynn’s in Ocean Bay Park on Aug. 16. Starting at 9 p.m., it is a 21-and-over gathering – with no cover charge – and will also feature producer/ DJ ThorThornadoPartridge and 2melo.

For more information, check out Flynn’s online at and

Flynn’s Fire Island: 1 Cayuga St., Ocean Bay Park, 631-583-5000

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