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Bellmore Bean Cafe joins the village nightlife scene

Customers relax with snacks at the Bellmore Bean

Customers relax with snacks at the Bellmore Bean Cafe. (Dec. 5, 2012) (Credit: Ian J. Stark)

It’s no challenge to find late-night fun in Bellmore Village, as there are a number of busy bars along its avenues -- all located within footsteps of the local LIRR station, a travel benefit that helps many come in for fun while managing to pass on driving.

However, the latest spot to arrive in town – while also open for business late into the evening – presents no need for its customers to leave their cars at home.

Only open for a few weeks (back on Sunday, Nov. 18), the Bellmore Bean Cafe serves beverages of many sorts, but none of them are alcoholic. Instead, there are coffees, teas, lattes, frappes and espressos – as well as some specialty offerings, like hot chocolate and cider, all whipped up by a barista. There are also baked goods and sweets to eat, which -- while not produced on-site -- are cooked and prepared locally and then brought in for sale.

The building that houses the Cafe dates back more than a hundred years, and the owners have restored the original ornate ceiling tiles. Then, to keep with the feel set by the classic overhead, there is vintage furniture for seating and antique Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) signs hanging on the walls as décor – along with a piano (yes, on the wall), clarinet, guitars and other musical instruments – all of which are certainly a reference to the regular gatherings scheduled every week.

Being brand-new, the events calendar is still a work in progress, but Dec. 12 is already set for a “holiday karaoke” bash, while open mic night is a weekly Thursday affair, (beginning on Dec. 6) as is live music on Saturdays, with all proceedings starting at (or about) 7 p.m.

For more information, check out or the Bellmore Bean Cafe Facebook page.

Bellmore Bean Cafe: 2718 Grand Ave. Bellmore, 516-804-4624

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