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Contest: "Scooter"

Yankees shortstop Phil "The Scooter" Rizzuto (March, 1950)

Yankees shortstop Phil "The Scooter" Rizzuto (March, 1950) (Credit: AP)

"Scooter: The Biography of Phil Rizzuto," by Carlo DeVito, is what we in the business refer to as "a clip job." It's reported almost excluslvely through secondary sources - previously published interviews and information.

Having written that, if you're a Rizzuto fan, you'll like it. Because Rizzuto was eminently likeable, and his life story is a good one. Besides, you're getting it for free.

That's right. I'll give my copy of this book to the first person who e-mails me - at - with the correct answer to this question:

Rizzuto won the 1950 AL MVP award - rather, deservedly, I might add, with a .418 on-base percentage and strong defense. Who finished second in the 1950 AL MVP voting?

--Here are the contest rules.

--UPDATE, 1:52 p.m.: We have a winner! Craig Buckser (@cbuckser on Twitter), formerly of Smithtown and currently of Davis, Cal., knew first that Billy Goodman of the Red Sox finished second in the 1950 AL MVP ballot.

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