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Gregg Popovich praises Jason Kidd

New Jersey Nets' guard Jason Kidd speaks to

New Jersey Nets' guard Jason Kidd speaks to the media after the team's workout at their practice facility in East Rutherford, N.J. (Dec. 6, 2007) (Credit: AP)

Gregg Popovich always has been a big fan of Jason Kidd. He tried to get him to sign with the Spurs in 2003, a short time after San Antonio beat Kidd’s Nets in the Finals.

So when Popovich was asked if he admired the former Knicks' point guard for leaving $6.2 million on the table when he retired, he cracked a joke about Kidd. 

“He’s made enough,” Popovich said. “He told me no a few years back; I hate Jason.”

Then Popovich turned serious about Kidd.

“He’s a stud; always will be in my mind,” Popovich said before Game 1 of the Finals. “He’s always going to do something that’s classy and an example for everybody else. I just wish him well.”

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